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NOAA Weather Radio

If you need assistance with programming your STAR grant radio, below are step by step procedures for doing so.   If you have a problem, let us know at :mcesda@macomb.com

How to program the Midland 74-200

Radio Shack sells the model 12-250 at the Macomb store.  Amateur Electronic Supply http://www.aesham.com/  sells a Midland desktop (model 74200  $59.95) and an Oregon Scientific portable radio (model WR102 $49.95).  These radios allow the user to program ONLY the counties they want to hear warnings for.  Other radios do not allow programming of counties thus the user gets warnings for counties that will not impact them.

How do I program the 12-250?

With NOAA weather radio (NWR) available in McDonough County, you can have the "smoke detector for severe weather".   If you believe in smoke detectors in your house, you should have a weather radio!

Tell me how NOAA weather radio works.

Check out this link for NOAA weather radio manufactures.


Below is a link to the National Weather Service that will give you information on NOAA weather radio expansion.


Disaster Preparedness and related links

The following link will take you to a page that will constantly update with links and information on preparing yourself and family for all disasters.   Preparing for a tornado, an earthquake or manmade disaster all go hand in hand.   If your organization would like a presentation on preparing for a disaster, let us know :mcesda@macomb.com  .

 Preparing for a disaster

If you are interested in emergency management check out the state of Illinois at...


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If you want press releases from McDonough county E.S.D.A.,  click here for the complete list of releases.  All releases are stored in ASCII, HTML and Word Perfect formats.  If you need another format, e-mail Rich Sample and let me know. :mcesda@macomb.com

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